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    • Trial and Appellate Support
    • Attorney Disciplinary Proceedings
    • Local Counsel

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  • Employment Law:

    • Employer and Employee Rights
    • Employment Discrimination
    • Retaliation
    • Whistle-blower
    • Workplace Investigations

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  • Business Law:

    • Contracts
    • Contract Disputes
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Shareholder Disputes
    • Buying and Selling
    • Succession Planning

Business Law

Ninety-two percent (92%) of Central Florida employers operate their businesses with fewer than 10 employees. Small, however, does not mean insignificant. Small businesses make significant contributions to the region’s and the state’s economy, including the contribution of innovative products and services to the marketplace. Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida region is home more than 260,000 jobs in the high tech, creative arts, and health and life sciences industries.

Like their larger counterparts, small businesses face risks. Some items that business owners worry about are predictable, perhaps even controllable: sales volume, salary costs, taxes, overhead, equipment and supply costs, and revenue. Other risks are less obvious and are often overlooked or ignored by business owners. Potential conflict and liability abounds, for example, in the contracts, regulations, employment laws, and owner relationships that touch small businesses on a daily basis. One hiccup may cost a small business thousands of dollars in losses, penalties, or attorneys’ fees.

Many overlooked risks fall within the general rubric called “business law” — the impact of laws on business. When sole proprietors or entities such as partnerships, limited liability companies, or corporations confront the legal system, they seek answers or relief through the laws, regulations, and legal principles that govern business. Areas of law that frequently impact businesses include the law of property, contracts, commercial transactions, sales, debtor-creditor relations, employment law, and industry-specific regulations.

Business Law

Thomas Wade Young understands the demands and pressures inherent in small business. He works hard to build relationships with clients and has experience working with small and family owned businesses in manufacturing, service, construction, real estate, and sales industries. Through both traditional litigation (trials and appeals), as well as alternatives including mediation and arbitration, Thomas Wade Young has helped small business owners avoid, manage, or resolve risk, conflict, and liability in several contexts, including:

  • General consultation and counsel
  • Business formation and succession planning
  • Contract review and drafting
  • Contract interpretation and enforcement (leases; license agreements; partnership, member, and stockholder agreements; employment contracts; agreements to refrain from various activity, such as competition, solicitation, disclosure, and recruiting employees; purchase and sale agreements; settlement agreements)
  • Litigation of disputes between businesses and business owners (breach of contract; noncompetition agreements; interference with business relationships; shareholder disputes; breach of fiduciary duty)
  • Employment disputes (wage and hour, harassment or discrimination, unemployment compensation)
  • Employment policies (reviewed and drafting)
  • Employment agreements
  • Employee classification (employee, joint employee, borrowed servant, independent contractor)
  • Workplace investigations

Recent years have shown an increased willingness on the part of the government and its prosecutors to apply criminal laws to matters that were traditionally resolved through civil courts or the administrative agencies responsible for regulating the business. With increasing frequency, bad or mistaken business judgments are labeled criminal, and the business women and men who made them are being prosecuted. Business leaders who fail to address wrongdoing before the government begins its investigation may find that such delay puts them at a distinct disadvantage in dealing with the negative publicity and criminal charges that often follow the government’s investigation.

Thomas Wade Young’s broad experience in addressing various concerns of small business owners, combined with his trial experience and specialization in appeals and appellate practice, provides a solid foundation for helping clients find practical, cost-effective solutions to the challenges that threaten the profitability of their small business.

In addition to hourly billing, Thomas Wade Young will explore accepted alternative billing arrangements with business clients who want or need to secure legal representation on terms that meet the unique circumstances of the client’s small business.

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